Peter J. Gfroerer Sr.
1890 - 1906

The Gfroerer Company is Cincinnati's oldest rug and carpet cleaning company.

In 1890 Peter J. Gfroerer Sr., along with his two sons Peter Jr. and Joseph formed the Frayer Rug Company; based on their beliefs of hard work, quality workmanship and value. These principles quickly gave them the reputation as one of the premier carpet cleaning companies in the city of Cincinnati. In 1907, Peter Jr. changed the family name to "Gfroerer" to reconnect with Alsace Lorraine - German heritage and to distinguish their company from one of the same name in a different industry.

As Cincinnati grew, so did The Gfroerer Company; incorporated by Joseph in 1937. Joseph guided the company through the Great Depression, utilizing new technology of automated cleaning methods.

Peter Gfroerer Jr.
1906 - 1918

Joseph Gfroerer
1918 - 1943
With the arrival of Broadloom carpet, The Gfroerer Company adapted services to satisfy the needs of their customers. Joseph's son Clarence "CJ", moved to unionize the company in order to facilate delivery and installation services throughout greater Cincinnati.
In the 1950's The Gfroerer Company supplied many downtown businesses with a full time work force for carpert installation, cleaning and repairs. Educated in chemistry, CJ helped develope the carpet shampoo that is still in used today.
In the 1960's, CJ's son Robert Gfroerer brought on location cleaning to The Gfroerer Company. As tufted carpet came into style, The Gfroerer Company upheld its position as forefront in the rug and carpet cleaning industry.

Clarence Joseph Gfroerer
1943 - 1973

Robert Clarence Gfroerer
President & CEO
1973 - 1991

Keeping up with changing times has played a key role to The Gfroerer Company, while maintaining its founding values to customers has remained a priority. The 1970's brought many new technological advances to the carpet industry. However, The Gfroerer Company continued to utilize old time methods and skills passed down through the generations. The Repair Department provided Hand Sewing of carpet, two step binding, serging and fringe repair.

In, 1980, under the guide of Robert Gfroerer, the company expanded to it's current size.

Adding a warehouse and loading dock to the new building which now houses the Repair and Fabrication Workroom.

Robert C. Gfoerer, II, the 5th generation of the family, continues on the tradition of Hand Sewing carpet. A skill used in the early days of woven carpet; while tedious and labor intensive; produces a longer lasting product and is the preffered method for larger peices.

Robert Clarence Gfroerer II      
President & CEO
1991 - Present
with son
Bryan Robert Gfroerer

At The Gfroerer Company, Hand Sewn seams have always been regarded as the proper method for working with most carpets and is more desirable by today's customers requiring a quality product.

It was the Hand Sewing reputation that brought the Historic carpet business to The Gfroerer Company, using methods and skills first learned by Peter Gfroerer Sr. in the late 1800's. The Gfroerer Company has become one of the premier Historic Carpet Installers in the nation, recreating the look of the 16th and 17th centuries; as can be seen locally at the Taft Museum of Art, as well as many national and state museums; and historically restored public and private residences.



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